Now that we’ve constructed a ‘RSAT connector for Microsoft Flow’ in Part I of this Series, we have lots of new opportunities offered by the Microsoft Power Platform to push our Test Automation in D365 to a new level.

In below video I’ll demonstrate how toggling the State of an Azure DevOps Test Suite to “Run RSAT” triggers MS Flow to iterate through the Test Cases in the Test Suite and let RSAT execute the Test Cases (D365 Task Guides) in the background. MS Flow will wait until RSAT execution is finished to send an e-mail to notify that RSAT execution is done. The e-mail will have the logs from the RSAT execution as attachments.

See my OneDrive for the Flow which is used in the video.

Note: I didn’t manage to import this Flow package into another tenant than the tenant where the Flow was originally built – MS Flow complaints about a problem with the authorisation against Azure DevOps – So you may have to amend the packaged (zipped) json definition of the Flow to allow import. Please share an updated .zip file if you manage to make amendments to the packaged .json definition which allows import.