Ever since D365 Finance & Operations V10, we’re in the Managed Updates model which aligns all Customers on a similar Platform Version – It’s the so called “One Version” strategy which brings a lot of benefits. But is there really ONE VERSION in reality? We have License keys, Parameter modules, SysFlighting and Feature Management which already contains 250+ Features in V10.0.11 PEAP. Did you all enable them? If you sum all these parameters, D365 Finops installations can fundamentally differ even if the underlying Platform version is similar.

Now with D365 Retail (Commerce) there is yet another variable – A relatively new Retail/Commerce Parameter area which is controlling Retail functionality behind the scenes… In this blog post we’ll dig out all the Features that can be enabled from here. Fellow Functional and Technical D365 Retail/Commerce consultants sit tight: this area is likely to become more and important in the future. It can also be really helpful for your own customisations.

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